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You can use Axeptio for free if you don't need our premium features like graphic customization, and the consent registry.
You can use Axeptio for free if you don't need our premium features like graphic customization, and the consent registry. Our prices are detailed here :

1 - Video Presentation

2 - Configuration Details

Go to Axeptio to create an account

Click on Log in or Try for free
If you have several websites, your login information (ID and password) will be the same for all your websites.
You get to the authentication page and you will have to either create an account by clicking on "create an account", or log in with your Facebook or Google account.
Once it's done, you get to an agency back office which is empty, but allows you to centralize all your projects.
You get to the configuration of your cookie management tool and you need to type your email address without the https:// then click on next
In the integration part you will find the SDK, which you will need to enter on the footer of your website
The SDK can be loaded in the<head> tag or added before the closing of the<body>tag. For a better performance, we suggest you use the second method, which enables the script to start the parsing of the page's elements as soon as possible.
If your website is multilingual, you can set up different versions of cookies. A new feature will appear in the SDK. The line you need to add is :
window.axeptioSettings.cookiesVersion = 'version_1_FR';
For further information refer to this section :
If you do not know how to integrate it on your website, you can consult the redirection below
You can then choose the pre-configuration of your cookie management:
Audience and Advertisement Measurement
Audience Measurement Only
Customized Configuration
The Audience and Advertising Measurement is a pre-configured cookie version with a welcome screen and a consent screen with two pixels by default : Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. This is a configuration we found very often that enables you to follow your Analytics and link your website to Facebook
A configuration only made to track statistics. The best for showcase websites
This is a configuration that you can program yourself by choosing two screens and two cookies which you can choose and define.
For more information concerning this configuration, you can go see :
Once this is done, your cookie configuration is generated automatically and all is left to do is click on "publish" then "confirm"
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Once you do this, your cookie version will be online. You can now go back to your website worry-free :-)
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Connection between the cookies and your Axeptio version

Once you finalize the configuration of your version, you can get to the "technical integration" step to link your Axeptio version to your cookies. To do this, you have two types of integration possible
Integration with a tag manager
Custom Integration
The integration with tag manager enables you to simply define a trigger to launch the cookies by clicking on your Axeptio widget. For more information, you can see :
The custom integration is an integration method, without a tag manager, that enables you to handle the triggering of your tags directly from your website using a javascript function. L'intégration custom est un mode d’intégration sans tag manager qui vous permet de gérer le déclenchement de vos balises directement depuis votre site à l'aide d'une fonction javascript. For more information, you can see :