SDK Integration

ClientAPI Axeptio is a RESTful JSON / HTTP API that allows you to automate the configuration and administration of Axeptio.

The SDK is a small Javascript file which is loaded by your html page thanks to a tag

Axeptio Embed.JS SDK

This 40Kb file (12Kb zipped) is hosted by Axeptio and served from a high-performance CDN (content distribution network).


To integrate Axeptio on your website, you need to add these few lines of code at the foot of each of your pages. This will allow you to load the Axeptio script which will then take care of controlling the injection of widgets, the appearance of cookies, etc.

The SDK need to be loaded at the end of the tag <body>. For better performance, we advise you to opt for the second method, which allows the script to start parsing the elements of the page as soon as possible.

You can find this piece of code and copy / paste it here :

Mes Projets > Nom du Projet > Intégration technique

<script type="text/javascript">
var el = document.createElement('script');
el.setAttribute('src', '');
el.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
el.setAttribute('async', true);
el.setAttribute('data-id', '5c6c5afae6b2877317a4518e');
el.setAttribute('data-cookies-version', 'Misterflyversion1FR');
if (document.body !== null) {

Detailed Integration

Depending on your content management System, we suggest you click on one of the following links :