Appearance of the Widget Button

You can also modify the widget button appearance as you wish.
Texts, pictures, fonts, sizes : everything is customizable on Axeptio, so that the solution can perfectly be adapted to your website. We would never trash your graphic designer's work!

1. Video presentation

2. Modify the appearance of your widget button

Go to your cookie configuration and click on the gear icon in the top-right menu, then click on "Colors and Styleguide".
First Step : Colors and Styleguide
You will be redirected to the customization screen. You will have to check the first checkbox on top of this page : "Use a custom button"
Second step : check the checkbox "Use a custom button"
You will then have access to new customization features? You will just have to click on the first button just under the checkbox you just checked, named : "Pick an image".
Third step : click on "Pick an image"
Here you have two options !
Firstly, you can go for a personal image that you created. You will have to import it by dragging and dropping it in the box, or by clicking on the box to open your file explorer.
Fourth step : Drop or import a file
If you don't have any personal pictures, but you still want to change your widget button, you can do so by picking one of the suggested images.
Fourth step BIS : pick a suggested image
Finally, after being through those quick steps, you can now manage every detail of your new button (font size, height and width of the button,..)
Last step : button parameters
The job is done ! Here you go with your new widget button completely customized :-)
Some examples of customized pre-rendered visuals