Axeptio Cookie Solution

The Axeptio Cookie Solution permits you to deal with all parts of the Cookie Law

What is Axeptio?

The Axeptio Cookie Solution permits you to deal with all parts of the Cookie Law, specifically: effectively illuminate clients by means of treat pennant and a devoted treat strategy page (which is consequently connected to your protection strategy and coordinates what's important for Cookie Law consistency); Obtain and save cookie consent settings; Preventively block scripts prior to consent; Keep track of consent and save consent settings for each user

What differentiates Axeptio from other market solutions?

We are a trusted third party (as TrustPilot is for reviews). Axeptio reassures with an accessible tone. In addition, our widget is probably the prettiest on the market. We were not going to sacrifice your site by installing a soulless gray band! Finally, our solution has without a doubt the best interface and a great team based in Europe, always available to help you!
The only truly respectful solution for your users
A tool tested & recommended by regulators
A plugin that is compatible with all websites
An effective way to get the most out of marketing permissions
A discreet widget that adapts to all graphic designs
A trusted third party that reassures your customers
A French company supported by the stakeholders of personal data protection
A very accessible platform, including for associations
A perfect adaptation to the tools you use
A solution approved by thousands of customers

Does it work with all websites?

Yes, Axeptio can be installed on every website. You just need to be able to add custom code into your source code.
Set up your consent widgets in seconds on, and get a similar code snippet that you have to copy and paste into your source code.
window.axeptioSettings = {
clientId: "5c11ff5ce95cd64112feab79",
(function(d, s) {
var t = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], e = d.createElement(s);
e.async = true; e.src = "//";
t.parentNode.insertBefore(e, t);
})(document, "script");

I want to deploy your solution on several websites. Do you have preferential rates?

Yes, if you manage several websites, we can set up adapted and decreasing rates. If you are a digital communication professional, we advise you to go on our unlimited package that offers many benefits!

How to identify the cookies used on my website?

There are several ways to identify scripts / tags on a website. 1) By using this site: 2) From any browser, you can right-click with your mouse to review the code. In the "Applications" tab, cookies are usually listed.

Do you provide CMS integrations?

Yes we provide simple documentations and ready to use plugins for these plateforms : Wordpress, Shopify, Prestashop, Big Commerce, Ameri Commerce, Drupal, Joomla, SquareSpace, Volusion, Magento, Weebly, Open cart, 3D Cart, OS Commerce, CoreCommerce, 42 Stores, WiziShop and many more !

Do I need a developer to install Axeptio?

No, our tool is very accessible. In all autonomy and whatever your job, you will be able to create in just a few minutes a banner that is personalized and personalized for your site. To install it, it is also within the reach of all. For the more novices, we recommend an integration via Google Tag Manager.

Can I access a demo of Axeptio?

Yes you have a lot of examples of live widgets. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see our recent customers integrations. You also can use our backoffice and enjoy all features for free as long as you don't publish your project.
You can easily and fully modify the standard look and functionality of the cookie consent widget on your website — this includes background color, dimensions, content, position, buttons, as well as shadows, fonts and many more.

How can I manage multiple languages?

Like live chat tools, you can create multiple versions of the widgets and easily translates all items in our back office.
The Cookie Solution dashboard provides two prior blocking solutions :
  • The first option consists of using a Tag Management software (TMS) that synchronize user preferences with Axeptio (CMP). In this case, we recommend Google Tag Manager which is famous and free to use. Axeptio will send "Custom event" to the TMS for each tag. OK, here are the examples of the events that Axeptio may trigger: axeptio_activate_(name of the solution).
  • The second option consists of manually identify and block third-party scripts. This method requires you to identify the scripts that are subjected to the requirement of prior consent. Once that’s done, the scripts must be manually modified so they can be recognized, stopped, and then released by our software depending on what the user chooses. It's also easy but you will certainly need a developer to identify your scripts in your source code and add our javascript function :
void 0 === window._axcb && (window._axcb = []);
window._axcb.push(function(axeptio) {
axeptio.on("cookies:complete", function(choices) {

Can I remove the "consents certified by Axeptio" watermark?

Like Reviews (Trustpilot for example), Axeptio is a trusted third party. We guarantee your users the authenticity and traceability of their consents. This reassures them and it is a communication argument for you. Of course, we don't want to break he DNA of our solution. So we don't accept to remove it from our widgets.
For full setting, we should rapidly recap precisely what cookies are and which enactments they fall under. Cookies are little information documents that are for the most part put away on a client's PC/program — so to explain concerning the first inquiry, cookies don't 'store information', they are the genuine bits of information. They're very helpful for different things going from in fact upgrading clients' site insight to the personalization of promotions.
You don’t need consent for:
  • Technical cookies that are solely necessary for the provision of the service. (eg. preference cookies, session cookies, load balancing, etc.)
  • Statistical cookies managed directly by you (not third-parties), provided that the data is not used for profiling.
One more exception that can apply is Statistical (anonymized) third-party cookies such as Google Analytics, however, this exception is subject to specific local regulation and may not always apply. It’s therefore strongly advised that you take the safe route and always ask for consent for these (statistical, third-party) cookies.

Is it possible to customize the opening timeout?

Yes and we definitely think that it's a nice choice to do not spend unnecessary money on users who leave your site right away.

Is it possible to hide the Axeptio widget after collecting consents?

Yes, you can hide the Axeptio button when user hase completed the process. Warning: hiding the axeptio will require you to add a link to reopen the widget. You can use the function showAxeptioButton() that we declare when the script is loading.
<a href="javascript:showAxeptioButton()">
Click here to update your cookies settings
We no longer support the IAB framework. Customers come to Axeptio to provide the best possible experience for their users. A discreet, customizable widget presenting in a fun way the cookies actually used on the website. We don't want to be part of the deployment of cookie walls on the internet, by extorting consent to offer it to thousands of advertising agencies. Moreover, several countries do not recommend this framework which seems contrary to the fundamentals of the GDPR.

Do you have an API to implement your solution into my tool?

Yes, we also provide a full API documentation to allow you to integrate Axeptio into your solution (like a CMS for example). You can read it in the API section in this documentation
To help advertisers manage cookies for analytics and advertising purposes, Google has introduced Consent Mode, a feature that allows you to avoid prior blocking for Google Analytics and Google Ads (including Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing).
Products that support Consent Mode include:
  • Google Ads (including Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)
  • Google Analytics
  • Floodlight
  • Conversion Linker
Consent Mode requires gtag.js or Google Tag Manager to run. If you use an older tag like ga.js, analytics.js or conversion.js, you’ll have to update to gtag.js or Google Tag Manager first.

Is it possible to export my consents and import them into an other platform?

Yes, you can leave us when you want and export your consents in a CSV file. You will be able to import the file where you want.

Can you handle the implementation for me?

Axeptio is a self-serve solution but we can manage the installation. The installation process is detailed on this page. You can also contact one of our resellers (digital agencies) to get a quote. For implementation guides, we refer to our developer section as well as our blog that contains additional implementation guides.

Can I use Axeptio only for EU website users? What localization options do I have?

Yes you can do it with a TMS like Google Tag Manager. This is often used by companies outside of the European Union who wish to display the cookie consent widget and obtain the required consent from EU website users - while at the same time providing an unchanged user experience for their local/non-EU website users.
You may have a website with multiple language versions or specific language areas such as and In that case you can ensure that the Axeptio cookie consent widget is being displayed in the same language as the particular page on your website
Axeptio is a brand name under AGILITATION, headquartered in France. The governing law in more detail in our Terms of Service. Unfortunately, we do not enter into agreements under different courts of law, nor are we able to amend our own terms to accept a different legal jurisdiction.