Wordpress Integration

You can easily integrate Axeptio with your Wordpress site by following the instruction described below.

1 . Video tutorial

Download our free module to install our code on your Wordpress site 👇

Axeptio with Wordpress

You alco can download and use a free module called "custom CSS & JS" to install the Axeptio code : https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-js/

You can also copy and paste our code by your own

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel

  2. Go to Appearance > Theme Editor

  3. Under Theme Files (far right), find the Theme Footer (footer.php) and select it

  4. Paste your Axeptio code before the </body> tag at the bottom

  5. Click Update File to save changes


Tag manager integration
Custom integration
Custom integration

Custom integration is an integration mode without a tag manager that allows you to manage your tags triggers directly in your website by using a Javascript function. For more informations you can search here :