Dedicated Database

Setup of a dedicated database for storage of consent proofs

When you subscribe to the formula with dedicated database, we let you the possibility to save the consent proofs on your own server. This can be useful to operate advanced statistical processes, or to be free.

The dedicated database is attached to the organization and consequently to all projects/websites attached to it. Be careful to attach your project to the organization on page Project > Configuration > Informations.

Axeptio stores consent proofs in a MongoDB database, a SGBD document-oriented, known for storing objects close to Javascript objects. The Axeptio API is compatible with versions 3.6 and 4.0. For info the mutualised production version is the 3.6.

The dedicated database activation is transparent on API side, you have no changes to make on the plugin load or for the import/export of consent proofs

We strongly recommend to chose for a MongoDB provider as a service, that will know how to administrate and optimize the software and infrastructure for you. Atlas is supported by database edito Mongo and offers a service allowing configuration of location and dimension of the servers based on your needs

Based on the simple task done by your dedicated database, it may be unnecessary to go all out regarding RAM or CPU. Nevertheless, we think it required to build a redundant cluster that will allow you to manage easily the failover (see Sharding and Replica Sets). Regarding storage, count around 1 Go per million consent proofs

Set up procedure

To activate your dedicated database, here are the steps to follow :

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