SDK Slim

Try our SDK light and earn SEO performance points!

Do you think we are overweight?

Try our light SDK and earn SEO performance points!

By default, we offer an optimized SDK regardless of the browser used. Fully delivered by a high-performance CDN, our widgets always load quickly and never impact the loading of your website.

Despite this, many of you keep a close eye on the weight of your pages. Indeed, Google gives more and more importance to the speed of the site in its algorithm that ranks the pages in its search engine.

In this context and to help you improve your SEO score, we have deployed a lighter SDK :

103 Kb instead of 150 Kb

When should you keep the standard 150 Kb SDK?

If you have chosen Axeptio, it is probably for our friendly UX! Contrary to other hyper light solutions that have chosen to disfigure sites with monochrome wardrobes as soon as the page is loaded, we have preferred to opt for temporization, look, and interactivity. And to offer the same experience to all users, regardless of the browser version used, we use polyfils on the standard version.

What is a Polyfil?

A polyfill is a piece of code of varying length that allows older browsers to support HTML, CSS or JavaScript features that were not natively available. In order for you to capture these users as well, it is recommended to use polyfills. Polyfills allow us to implement new features on web browsers that originally did not support them.

What are the differences between the standard SDK and SDK slim?

As the module is developed in ES6 with recent JS functions, we transpile and use the core-js library, which has the effect of filling the gaps of older browsers.

If you already have such polyfills, you may want to consider integrating the slim SDK.

How do I switch to the slim SDK?

Nothing could be simpler, you just have to change the name of the SDK :


instead of :


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