Specific case : blocking trigger


You have a huge number of triggers that will condition the load of a tag and all the triggers are of the same type.

1. Create an Axeptio variable

- Define a variable

Connect on your Google Tag Manager account and go to "Variables", then create a new "User-defined variables".

Select "1st Party Cookie" as variable type.

Name your tag and in the "Cookie Name" box enter: axeptio_cookies then check the "URL-decode cookie".

Congrats ! your triggering variable is now created

2. Create a blocking trigger

All the triggers must have the same type (Example: Page View)

1 - It won't work if you have Page View and click for example

2 - In the example I use Page View but if you have Click you'll have to choose Click

Add an "Exception" type trigger

Choose new trigger then the trigger type corresponding to your case (in the example Page View). In this one select some pages views then indicate that your variable must contain "Name_of_the_cookie_you_want_to_trigger":false.

You will now have a cookie that will deposit itself on every wanted pages, except for the pages where the wanted cookie wasn't activated.

Congrats ! I hope this tip helped you

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