A simple checkbox

If our widgets are a bit too big for you, we have a variant

By default, we recommend the use of widgets for consent register. But in special cases, when space is limited or you want to fully control your forms design, you can choose to display a simple checkbox. Here is how.

To display a simple checkbox, you will need a bit of Javascript code. This code can be added the same way as our bit of Axeptio code. It is necessary to bind it to the identifier of your marketing consents management.

You'll first need to access the Axeptio SDK object. To do so, we recommend the use of the _axcb pile. It is a Javascript table that is unpiled by Axeptio on load.

// We initialize the table if it is not already declared
window._axcb = window._axcb || [];
// We add our callback:
  // This portion of code will be called once
  // all the Axeptio configuration is loaded
  // And here we'll create the checkbox
      service: 'processings',
      identifier: "write here the identifier of the checkbox",
      node: document.getElementById("write here the element ID where we want our checkbox to be created"),
      embed: {
        checkboxText: "I agree with the terms of services",
        checkboxDetailsText: "know more"

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