Resellers program

Save time and stand out for your customers

In order to enable you to easily deploy our solution to your customers, we've designed special offers based on the number of published projects. To unlock your benefits, we need some information about you:

What is it ?

In order to easily integrate our solution for your clients, we designed an unlimited program.

  • Unlimited number of projects - websites

  • Access to premium features

  • Graphic customization

  • Technical support

How to access this offer

  1. Click on this link :

  2. Add an agency account / organisation

  3. Enter your billing information

  4. Chose the offer that adapts to your needs

How to unblock your projects ?

You just created your agency account and you want to unblock your clients' projects. This is necessary in order to publish all changes online.

1 - Chose the project you would like to unblock.

2 - Once on the project, click on the little wheel on the top right corner and then click on "project details".

3 - Then click on "Organization"and chose your agency.

4 - Click on "save and quit" and all the features for your project will be unblocked.

Congratulations ! Your project has been associated to your agency and therefore unblocked. Your can now publish it without any limitation.

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