Gtag and Google Consent Mode

How to configure the cookie widget with Googleconsent Mode

With Gtag tool from Google, it is now possible for a few solutions to use Google Consent Mode, a tag management system based on consent. This method, actually in Beta works only with Google Analytics, Floodlight, Google Ads and Conversion Linker.

For more info, check Google's documentation :

  // google tools use queues to push information
  // before their libraries are loaded. We need to
  // define them if this code runs first
  window.adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || [];
  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  function gtag() {
  // Axeptio use the same technique. _axcb holds the
  // callback functions that will be executed when
  // our lib is loaded
  window._axcb = window._axcb || [];

  // we pause ad requests by default
  window.adsbygoogle.pauseAdRequests = 1;

  // first we need to push a "js" command to the queue. This will
  // register the exact time of the DOM being ready
  // as stated here:
  gtag("js", new Date());

  // this must be the first thing to be sent to the dataLayer
  // cf.
  // "call the gtag('consent', 'default', ...) command on every page
  //  of your site before any commands that send measurement data
  //  (such as config or event)."
  gtag("consent", "default", {
    ad_storage: "denied",
    analytics_storage: "denied"

  // after that we wand to update the consent
  // when the user gives his/her consent
  window._axcb.push(function(axeptio) {
    // now that axeptio is loaded, we add completion
    // handler to execute when the user give his/her consent.
    // this will also happen when we parse the axeptio_cookie
    // which contains the preferences of a user
    axeptio.on("cookies:complete", function(choices) {

      // if you renamed your vendors in Axeptio's admin panel
      // change the content of these variables.
      var gaVendorName = 'google_analytics';
      var adsVendorName = 'Google_Ads';

      var consentSettings = {
        ad_storage: "denied",
        analytics_storage: "denied"

      if (choices[gaVendorName]) {
        consentSettings.analytics_storage = "granted";
        // We decided to send a manual pageview to make sure
        // we do not lose the first visit tracking information
        gtag("send", "pageview");

      if (choices[adsVendorName]) {
        consentSettings.ad_storage = "granted";
      } else {
        //When ad_storage is set to 'denied', Google tags will not create or save cookies.
        //However, you can optionally elect to pass information through URL parameters
        //across pages in order to improve measurement quality.
        gtag("set", "url_passthrough", true);
        window.adsbygoogle.requestNonPersonalizedAds = 1;
      // Finally, we update the Google Consent Mode variable to reflect
      // the choice of the user
      gtag("consent", "update", consentSettings);
      // Ads can be resumed.
      window.adsbygoogle.pauseAdRequests = 0;

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