Synchro Wordpress Elementor form

You use an Elementor type form on Wordpress and want to synchronize Axeptio with your already created checkbox

1. Video presentation

2. Concrete example

If it is not already done, you first need to create a checkbox on your form manager. Usually the checkbox is place between the end of the form and the "Send" button

You should have a form looking like this one :

3. Create your marketing checkbox

Go to your axeptio project and create the marketing checkbox that you want to integrate. Here we explain how :

You can now start integrating your checkbox. Here we explain how :

Time for Elementor synchronization

For this you will have to go to "Integrate on your website"

Now go to "Binding to the parent form" and click on "Show advanced integration options". Here you'll have all informations to bind the checkbox with Elementor.

You'll see a "Bind the consent to an existing checkbox" where you'll have to enter the CSS selector of the checkbox that you want to bind.

Paste the CSS selector in the newly appeared box :

At this step your checkbox is linked to Axeptio

You will finally be able to replace the text by the checkbox. For this, choose the CSS selector of the whole text including the checkbox

And then paste the selector in the field "Element to hide"

Finally, don't forget to "Publish" and "confirm" and everything will be online and your checkbox synchronized !

If you want to make the consent mandatory to submit the form, you'll have to indicate the checkbox input as essential in Elementor, and this will make the consent mandatory in Axeptio too.

Yay ! Everything works perfectly 😍

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