Trigger the 3rd party scripts with Google Tag Manager

Our solution can be easily and effectively integrated to any TMS

Our solution can be easily and effectively integrated into any TMS (Tag Management System) such as Google Tag Manager.

1. Video Presentation - Axeptio tag

2. Add an Axeptio tag

Once you finished your cookie configuration on Axeptio back-office, we provide a script such as :

window.axeptioSettings = {
  clientId: "5c11ff5ce95cd64112feab79",
(function(d, s) {
  var t = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], e = d.createElement(s);
  e.async = truee.src = "//";
  t.parentNode.insertBefore(e, t);
})(document, "script");

Create a new tag in Google Tag Manager and choose "custom HTML". Copy/paste the given code in the dedicated window (the top one).

3. Modify your other tags

4. Modifying your existing triggers


exemples :

  • axeptio_activate_intercom

  • axeptio_activate_google_analytics

  • axeptio_activate_facebook_pixel

  • axeptio_activate_adwords

To be sure you're not making any mistakes, Axeptio can generate those keys in the back-office at the end of the "Integration on your website" page.

Be careful, you'll still need to activate the triggers on the Google Tag Manager side.

This way, Axeptio will have total control on other scripts !

Don't forget to save and publish (the top-right button) and name your new version.

It's done ! It's over... Good job !

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